Every year, I would ask my mother what she would like for her birthday. Her answer: Peace and Quiet. Being a rambunctious little cuddle-bug, I had no clue what those two concepts meant to a woman who worked 60+ hours per week to support her rather large, dysfunctional family. Now, as a mother of one dog and a baby, wife to a workaholic, expat trying to survive in a new culture, I have an inkling…

This blog is my peace and quiet. I will rant, rave, cry, laugh, and let it all hang out here, all in search of a little peace and quiet.

There is, of course, an ulterior motive to my newly established blog.  I would like to be a better writer. What does that have to do with writing a blog? And shouldn’t I have accomplished that task before subjugating countless individuals to my half-assed attempts at sounding readable? It’s simple, really. I’ve listened to the greats. Hemingway, Garcia-Marquez, and for those in politics – Kennan. They’ve all agreed on a basic point: the first step towards becoming a great writer is to establish a routine. I can’t claim plots, creativity, style, voice, or frankly anything at all until I have honed my skill and developed a routine. 1,000 words per day is my minimum mark, although I’m afraid I’ll probably fall short.

Why will I fall short of a 2.5 page (Arial font, mind you) mark? Because I lack confidence in my own abilities. In order to write, you have to have something to say, and I don’t see what I have to say that the rest of the world would be keen on hearing quite yet. I imagine that in time, as I write more frequently, I’ll wake up the addiction that once drove my daily actions. I wrote so much drivel in high school that it pains me to think of it, although I’ve been told by several friends that it’s really not as bad as I think. One even volunteered to safeguard my writings so as to prevent me from trashing them all, so who knows…perhaps I am my own worst critic.

So that’s it for today. Nearly 400 words, nothing more. It’s a start though. The foundation of my refuge has been laid. I’ve now officially created a space away from motherhood, marriage, and cultural clashes. My own little refugio – on the world wide web.